A visit to Prima Warehouse/ my Prima Doll Tag

I have been Scrapbooking for almost a year and have never used Prima Products. If you ask me what kind of word I have been living in, I do not have an answer to that… really. Yesterday, I drove down to Prima warehouse to take a look at their sales. The products are so wonderful!! I especially love the colors that they come up with. I feel like I cannot do anything wrong no matter what I pick up and match up together. The best thing is that I get to meet Frank Garcia, whose video I learnt a lot of my scrapbooking techniques from. All in all, I am very glad  that I took a trip up there. Image



They have some awesome give and take events. One is prima doll tags and the other is prima flower bracelets. I decided to give it a go on Prima Doll Tag give-and-take since I have heard about that all over the internet. I fell in love with prima products instantly, during the making of my tags. The distress tool is so smotth and ergonomic, I can barely feel it in my hands. I also love the Ingvlid Bolme chalk edger are so soft and moist. Last but not least, the flowers… Oh MY! the color, shape and dememsions are to die for. I cannot stop digging into the box of loose flowers in front of me. I have to tell myself to stop putting more flowers onto my tag when it ran out of space. LOL

After the event, I become a true believer of “Prima Magic”. I will definitely go back to that warehouse whenever I have a chance to.




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