Growing Stronger Layout – OUAS July Challenge

I started to believe that I am one of those people who are meant to be alone. For majority of my life, I have been pretty independent and also very good at being so. With the way my dating life has been going, I started to accept that I am meant to be alone. I have tried my best to be alone without being lonely. That was how I discover my passion in art and craft. Up until 3 years ago, till I met Tim, I was content being on my own, not knowing what is like to have another individual who cares about me. Everything changes when I met him. I found myself being more dependent in vulnerable.

Our first year of relationship was a rocky road. Being an introvert and good at being on my own, I gave out an impression that I did not care about him. We tried to changed each other and it was not working. Eventually, we both came to realize that relationship is not about changing each other but learning to accept the way we are and embrace it. Since then, our relationship is growing stronger.


This month’s OUAS challenge topic is “grow”. I thought this is such a great opportunity to represent the topic very near and dear to my hear, the growth of our relationship. I have scrap my favorite picture of me and my significant other. I used a piece of linen glued down to chipboard as a layout base. From then, I did layers and layers of stencling using different techniques such as spraying, brushing, inking and modeling paste. Finally I did some layerings of different materials such as lace, ribbons, appliques, book pages and whatever I can find around the house to embellish the photo. I hope you all enjoy what I have made. Start-to-finish video for this process is available here.


The journaling is on the back of the layout glued down into a flipped page. I have smear the writings since the subject is a bit personal and intimate. 



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