Fun little Mixed Media Canvas Tablet

I got these flat little canvases to play with the other day and they are OH-SO-FUN!!! The size of these canvas reminds me of tablet touch screen computers that I would just like to call them “Tablet Canvases” I used tissue papers that I got from grocery store, along with sprays, texture pastes and flowers from my stash to make these cute babies.IMG_6351 This Canvas represents happiness that comes into our lives at the most unexpected time, I have included the window in order to represent the door where happiness slipped into our livesIMG_6352 IMG_6354 IMG_6355 This Canvas is made to remind us of the simple basic values in life. The song birds bring in the simple reminder to “live well, laugh often and love much”.  IMG_6356 IMG_6359 IMG_6362 Last but not least this canvas simplifies the things that make our lives happier than ever. To be INSPIRED, to ENJOY our lives, to CREATE and to keep on DREAMing!! IMG_6370 IMG_6372 IMG_6378


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